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The least you do to any of these brothers and sisters of mine, you do unto me.


We don’t get to chose where and with which family we enter into this life. The saying; “my mother and father are the best parents in the whole world.” is an expression shared by many of us. While for most of us this is true, let’s  be honest, some individual especially children have had a challenging life and some still continue to.

Destiny landed us in the lives of a multi-cultural family, plain and simple black and white (no pun intended). Our family relocated from Europe to the beautiful island of Jamaica in the 70’s and we quickly adapted. We had the awesome opportunities during the holidays and other occasions to be a part of a unique ministry created by our father, a giving ministry blessing the elderly with packages of food as a token of letting them know they were not forgotten and they were loved. This helped in broadening our cultural understand and what it meant to be privileged.  We began to expand our giving to the “special gifted children” those who society deemed as “special needs” by soliciting the support of a prominent Canadian-based company to be our sponsors thru a song gifting program. We wrote a song “Let’s give love a try”, proceeds from the sale of the song, were gifted to a school we had chosen to foster.

Our journey continues and we have now embarked upon a new chapter. Feed and Clothe My Sheep International FACMS® visualized in 2013 was officially launched in October of 2014. We started with a  “food barrel” pledging mission and we were able to send our first 4 barrels to Jamaica in October of 2014.  


“Feed, clothe and present Christ to the nations.”